Kirkland’s and IMC

This week in Digital Imagery in Web Design, we learned all about Integrated Marketing Communication, or IMC. I had never heard of the term before this week (I have a science background, so I’ll be honest and admit most class content is completely foreign), but I learned that in summary, it is when a company has consistent messaging and advertising along all communication channels. I learned that I’ve been unknowingly enjoying IMC for quite some time through my personal social media channels, mailings, and TV advertisements. I actually enjoy when a company hypes a new product line this way, because I see it so constantly in different media, it strikes my interest.

Be honest: could you resist this face?

One company that always keeps me coming back for more is perhaps my favorite home store, Kirkland’s! I recently purchased my first house this past summer, and it was where I bought knick-knacks to turn my house into a home. If you’ve never stepped foot in a Kirkland’s, don’t. I’m serious, you will never want to go anywhere else for inexpensive decor. I’m not proud to admit that Kirkland’s all but forced me buy an NFL-themed turkey this year… in July, in 95-degree weather, the week it came out..

But I digress. Kirkland’s integrates their marketing year-round; I’m at the point where I look forward to their cover photo changing so I can see the new set of products. I follow Kirkland’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, in addition to receiving an e-mail (and coupons) almost every day. When I received this assignment to create an additional image to match with their IMC campaign, I immediately thought of Kirkland’s and dove into their different social platforms. Here’s what I found:

An autumn-inspired advertisement from
Pumpkins featured in their Facebook cover photo.
“Deal of the Day” screenshot from Kirkland’s website.
Screenshot of their fall-inspired bg photo on Twitter.

I really love their “Deal of the Day” section and wanted to focus on that in my assignment a) because it changes everyday and b) they post about it on every channel. So, I started by opening the screenshot of the DotD in PS, and copied the stamp-looking image and pasted it into my document. At first I used the lasso tool to try and erase the box in the background, but I thought it looked too harsh, so instead I used the eraser tool with the hardness set at 40% to eliminate the crisp edge. I also did not like how the top part of the circle in DotD looked as though it had been cut off, so I selected another part of the circle, copy and pasted it onto a new layer, and turned it until I was satisfied with the way it fit. Then I softly erased some of the edges again to make it less harsh and blend easier. Next, I wanted to recreate the background rectangular box. Using the eyedropper tool, I selected the color from the screenshot and created a rectangle similar to the one seen in the original. I added a stroke (within layer styles) on the box.

Progress on my design.
Progress on my design.

The original also has a light, basket weave-like pattern. To mimic this, I selected the pattern stamp tool and looked through some of the styles offered. I chose the style group called “Artists Brushes Canvas” and selected the second one from the right. After creating a new layer, I then selected the inside of the rectangle (not including the stroke), and stamped everything inside this selection. Since the pattern was in black and white, I changed the layer mode to “Soft Light” which laid the pattern nicely over the color of the rectangle beneath. I’m actually surprised by how similar it looks to the original.

I chose which graphic I wanted to make my Deal of the Day: a cute Polka Dot Boo Wooden Sign. The photo had a background, so I added a mask to the pasted image and  painted the background black (this took forever, but it was a requirement to use a mask). From there I added a layer style, a drop shadow, to make the wooden image stand out more. The deals of the day always have a cute pun, followed by the details of the product. I chose “Fall into Halloween!” and then added the details of the sign and the price. The original photo has the text the same color as the circle in Deal of the Day, so I used the eyedropper tool to pick that up. Then I pasted in the Kirkland’s logo on the bottom so consumers would know where to buy the Deal of the Day.

showcase5Above you will see my final version! I’m very pleased with the way it came out and personally feel that it looks like something Kirkland’s could easily integrate on their website.

Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion!

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with Kirkland’s, this was an educational exercise and I’m simply a fan of their merchandise.

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