Ecard for the University of Florida

Hello everyone!

For my final showcase, I was assigned to create a holiday e-card that the University of Florida could send.

I chose to do a general holiday e-mail for campus closures from December 24th-January 4th (since both Christmas and New Year’s fall on Fridays). This closure is entirely made-up, and otherwise I am not affiliated with the offices of University of Florida, so don’t take this card seriously!

My thought process was to, of course, go forth and find a cartoonish alligator. I found an image that I liked and used the magic wand tool to delete the background. I googled for free santa hat vectors and arranged it on top of the gator’s head. Finally I added a small red ellipse to the alligator’s nose so he could look like Rudolph.

After I designed the alligator, I drew a speech bubble with the pen tool and filled it with plain white. I added a bevel and emboss effect to the speech bubble (and the red nose). From here I added “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” in UF orange with, again, a simple bevel and emboss effect. I then Googled around and found this free snow layer style, which I added to the top of the type with the brush tool. I decided to go with the snow theme and found the blue background with snowflakes. Since it wasn’t very big, I added a UF blue rectangle on the bottom and used it as my “main body” box and added the text. I mimicked this step for the “header.” I then found the transparent Christmas lights online and added it as a bottom border.

For my lighting effect (a mandatory feature), I chose to copy the entire image and paste it into a new document to not disturb the entire image. I merged the layers together on this new document and added individual point lights to each Christmas light on the bottom of the card. This effect really brightened the card as a whole and tied it all together.

Here is my final e-card image:


Bow-Wow’s Beans

This week I was tasked with creating a chalkboard-styled web image for a new coffee company: Bow-Wow’s Beans. This pooch-themed cafe wanted their chalkboard styled with everything dog-related: paw prints, bones, the works! So, let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of what I did.

Final product of my image for Bow-Wow’s Beans.

After finding a suitable background chalkboard image, I set out to find a  font that was naturally somewhat transparent and evoked the image of hand-writing. I downloaded four fonts from Typekit: Almaq Rough, HWT Catchwords, Lust Script Regular, and Sail Type. I also downloaded two fonts called Puppybellies and Austie Bost Kitten Klub from

From here I began to actually designed the chalkboard. We were given many ornaments to use for our chalkboard image. I pasted the border ornament and stretched it past the image so that only the dotted dashes appeared on the board. I knew that I wanted the arced ribbon ornament, so I pasted that in as well and moved it to the top. I typed “Welcome to…” and arced the text using the warp text tool and fit it within the arced ribbon.

From there I added the different coffee specials, syrups, and other texts. I had a lot of fun changing the fonts and adding the different chalk text styles and changing colors. I added a final ornament on the bottom to draw attention to the new “Pumpkin Spice” flavor. I purposely kept a bit of white space between my “headers” to draw the eye down to the specific points in my chalkboard.

Puppybellies had a few of glyphs in their text that I utilized throughout my design. For example, the + sign was a solid dog bone, the { symbol was an outline of a dogbone, and the * was a paw print. I had a lot of fun figuring out how I wanted to place them all along the chalkboard and am pleased with the way it came out.

Note: Please be aware that this was an assignment for class and not an actual project I was paid or tasked to do. This was entirely for educational purposes. Thank you!